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Providing You Marketing Support Every Step of the Way

Providing You Marketing Support Every Step of the Way



One of the most common problems we here from companies is that they have tried marketing in the past and it hasn't worked for them as a result they see it as time-consuming, expensive, complicated and risky.  This shouldn't be the case, if marketing your company has become like this for you then something is wrong and needs to be fixed.


Small businesses in particular often see marketing as trying advertisements in newspapers or designing a new flyer and dropping it through peoples letterbox’s.  These approaches are often quite costly and when they don't increase sales, then marketing usually gets the blame.  The truth is that approaches are usually destined to fail from the start unless they are carried out correctly.


Marketing takes many forms, and the key is finding the right form that works for you and your business, when that happens your sales and profits will increase.  Your business will already have a client base and sales revenue, in which case marketing has clearly worked for you at some stage.  What we will do is show you how you can enhance it in order to boost your profits. 


When working with clients our approach is very simple and very focussed, we look at ways of increasing your sales and increasing your profits.  This is how ;


The first step we take when working with any company is to find out on average how much profit they make per sale, we will then look at ways to increase it as changing this figure by just a small amount can have a dramatic effect on your final profit figure.


The next step we take is looking at your conversion rates and finding ways to improve them.  Your conversion rate is based on how many enquiries you get and how many of them you successfully convert to sales.  We will show you how to covert more enquiries into sales whilst maintaining that higher profit per sale figure.


The third stage is very simple, we look at finding ways to increase the number of enquiries you get ultimately leading to increasing the number of sales you make too.  To do this we won’t make drastic changes, instead we will look at how you are already attracting customers and find ways to enhance these methods and generate more interest.


Usually at this point our clients are experiencing a dramatic increase in their profits, as a result we now tell them this is the time to try new forms of marketing their business by using some of extra profit they have generated. We will divise new potential ways of increasing your sales and attracting new customers.  We will plan each method, code it and monitor its results.  Providing you with knowledge of how you can then grow your business.




Our approach to pricing is very simple, we do not believe in charging standard fees per hour.  Each company is different and will require different levels of service.  With that in mind we charge fees based solely on the amount of work involved.  Let us know your business requirements and we will tailor and price a service based on those needs.


It doesnt have to be risky

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