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Providing You Marketing Support Every Step of the Way

Providing You Marketing Support Every Step of the Way

Consultancy Based Services


Our consultancy division was created for companies who need help taking a more strategic and pro-active look at their marketing.


We can show you how Marketing can work for your business.  Your business is currently operating because you have been able to market yourself successfully to your existing clients, which has lead to sales and profits.  With our support we will help you increase those sales and profits and find new ways to increase enquiries.  Companies like Tesco, Cadburys and Nike are reliant on good marketing, if it works for them it can work for you too.


Remember we tailor our services to suit your own needs, and our prices are based around the amount of work involved for each client.  Contact us consultancy@rmdmarketing.co.uk with your enquiries and we will provide a service and a price that suits your budget.


Marketing Manager

Our most involved service level, we will not only help plan your marketing but help to implement it too, working within your organisation for as long as you require us to. We will manage your marketing department, write and implement your marketing plan and make the changes required to your literature, website, routes to market and campaigns in order to make that plan a success.  Whatever you expect your marketing manager to do, we will do it and much, much more too.


Marketing Consultant

Perhaps you are already a marketing manager and just need a little regular advice, perhaps you are a small company and don’t want to hire a marketing manager, if that’s the case then this is your solution.  We will help you with all your marketing needs, regularly visiting you for face to face meetings and advising you on how you can improve your business.


Telephone / Chat Support

Our Telephone and Chat support will allow you to use us as your sounding board, speak to an expert either online or over the telephone for as long as you wish.  There are no regular fees for this service and you will only be charged for the time you use.


Campaign or Event Management

If you are looking to launch a major campaign or event but need help then this service is ideal.  Our specialist help will make the launch a success and more importantly give you the time to focus elsewhere.


Marketing Plans

If you like the idea of increasing your own profits and sales but want the challenge of doing it yourself then let us write a marketing plan around your business.  We will show you how you can reduce costs and increase sales and profits.  We can also show you whether that new business idea will be viable, researching into the potential of a market and showing whether that great idea you have could actually work.


PR Manager / Consultant

With our PR Manager or consultant service you can choose, how you want to use us whether it’s for implementation or in an advisory capacity.  We can help with building relationships with the press, organising better advertising rates and producing both an internal and external communications plan for your company.


Online Marketing

Whether it’s PPC, SEO, web analytics, emailing, building your website, or reviewing its layout and text, we can help.  For full details of the support we can offer online please contact us consultancy@rmdmarketing.co.uk for more details.


Your business is on a journey.  RMD will help it get where it needs to be providing marketing support every step of the way.


It doesnt have to be complicated

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